Introducing Buff

BUFF is an online modern British jewellery brand with some unique ideals close to our heart.

Our values

We believe in transparency and personability.

Fair pricing, quality materials, original design and close contact are what we think matters. 

our vision

Jewellery that is practical, personal and perfect for everyday wear. 

our jewellery


We offer a range of collections, to suit all occasions. Wear alone or layer together, whatever your wardrobe. We've designed our jewellery to be versatile and compatible, we're here to add that little glint of luxury without breaking the bank.

Jewellery for everyone, every day 


Our focus is creating timeless jewellery through clean, subtle design. We design and handcraft the prototypes in our jewellery workshops in Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter and London. Wax carving and traditional silversmithing techniques bring our sketches to life. Our pieces are responsibly manufactured by a team of skilled jewellers.


Fast fashion's not our thing, we've built our jewellery to last. We use 925 solid silver across the board, including all fixtures & chain, gold pieces are plated in 14ct gold. We offer a comprehensive aftercare service and believe that with a little TLC, alongside our timeless design, you can continue to collect, love & wear your BUFF jewellery for years to come.

our story

Buff is a collaboration of two long time jeweller friends,
Mei-Li and Ellie.

We met way back in 2006, at Birmingham’s School of Jewellery and after working on respective jewellery brands for several years, it was a couple of glasses of wine in to an overdue Christmas catch up that Buff was born. We joked that we would make a great team and wondered what we'd create if we put our heads together. It didn't take too many more conversations to realise that this was our calling. 

Buff ?

 ‘Buffing’ is a pre polishing process. Basically, jeweller lingo to get your pieces looking nice and shiny. We thought it'd make a grand ol' name for our jewellery venture.

Can’t go wrong with a little sparkle, eh?
Or buffness for that matter.